First art shock!

by Maud Oonk

  • Exhibition runs from October 21, 2016 – January 21, 2017.

  • Opening Reception Friday October 21st from 5-9pm PST

  • 323 Projects is a voicemail gallery hosting audio art. Call (323) 843-4652 to experience contemporary art 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


323 Projects presents First art shock! by Maud Oonk. This exhibition explores what its like to remember the first time art physically impacts a person, marks their consciousness in an undeniable and lasting way. Callers to 323 Project’s phone number will hear Oonk read a narrative about the first time she remembered being made self-aware by a work of art. Callers are then asked to leave their own stories on the gallery’s voicemail, describing the first time they remember art marking their experience in a memorable way. Oonk proposes that “art” in this context is a category best defined by each individual participant. After the exhibition ends, Oonk will compile submitted audio into a free interactive digital book to be released in 2017.

Almost everyone has had some pivotal experience with art - be it a painting, sculpture, performance, TV show, song, or any number of aesthetic propositions defying categorization. This first contact is so common that its reminiscence can illicit eye-rolls, especially in discriminating social contexts. With this exhibition, Oonk examines the limits of recollected experience and considers the ties between authentic connections and aesthetic states. She asks if recounting these experiences can resurrect passions for sustained creative endeavors, for her and the people who participate in this shared recollection.

323 Projects invites you to experience First art shock! by calling (323) 843-4652. The show is open all day and all night, every day of the week.

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Maud Oonk creates works that create speculate on the discrepancy between formal structures and emotional relations. Her work often initiates playful situations, composed of an emotional involvement with the formal world. Her website is

In addition to making her own artworks, she is the Initiator of Space-Projects,  an experimental art initiative fostering collaborations between artists and experimentation with new ways of making and presenting work. More info at

Oonk obtained an MFA degree in 2015 from The School of Fine Art and Design|St.Joost and is a current student of Curatorial Studies in Ghent, Belgium. She lives and works in both Amsterdam, Netherlands and Ghent, Belgium.