323 Projects Call for Work: Make Em Laugh
October 3 - November 8, 2013

Rolling deadline for Submissions: September 29, 2013

323 Projects humbly asks that you consider contributing audio tracks to be included as part of Make 'Em Laugh, a group show set to run from October 3 - November 8, 2013.

We know humor can be pure innocuous entertainment or a scathing weapon to critique power. This group exhibition explores humor in it’s many forms, from stand up routines to inside jokes, Freudian slips to fart sounds.

Deadline: Audio submitted before midnight Sept. 29, 2013 will be given priority in this exhibition. Audio submitted after September 29 will rotate into the exhibition as it progresses.

More info on 323 Projects at 323projects.com

Criteria: 323 Projects seeks audio works in any way related to humor. Think of this as a very very general jumping off point.

This call is open to EVERYONE, not just artists. Submit audio you have made yourself, found audio, anything you like.

As audio submissions arrive the gallery will make them available on 323 Project’s dedicated phone number: (323) 843-4652. Additionally, audio will appear on the gallery website: 323projects.com. Audio tracks will rotate throughout the run of the show. Also if you call the gallery phone number and leave a voicemail this audio will cycle into the exhibition as well.

How to submit: Email your audio submissions using wetransfer, Dropbox, or a similar system to the gallery's email: contact@323projects.com.

You must include the following info with your submission: Your first and last name your email your phone number Did you create the audio? Is it found audio? Is it copyrighted audio?

You may also include your website if you would like it to appear on the gallery's website.

Unless you state otherwise, your full name and website (optional) will appear on the gallery's website, listing you as a participant in this show. Collectives, curators, pseudonyms are welcome to apply, just please be specific as to how you want to be credited on 323projects.com.

You can also record your name and whatever info you like and place it before your audio, if you have the skills to do so.

SOME CONSTRAINTS: The gallery can only accept audio in MP3 format. Audio must be no longer than 10 minutes. File size must be smaller than 15MB. DO NOT EMAIL FILES TO THE GALLERY. PLEASE USE A SERVICE LIKE WETRANSFER OR DROPBOX!

READ THIS: By your participation you agree to let 323 Projects host your audio on it's voicemail service and website.

323 Projects assumes no liability for the audio you submit. The gallery and it's director/employees make no claims to copyright on any audio submitted. You retain copyright to all audio you submit and by your participation you agree that you are not engaging in any act of copyright infringement.

323 Projects does not sell the art it exhibits. We will not sell your audio. Period.

In the event that the gallery would like to compile select audio from this show to release a CD/vinyl/mp3/or anything like this in the future, you will be contacted and asked for your permissioN.

Thank you for considering this call for contributions.

  • Tucker Neel Director & Founder, 323 Projects